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Date: Oct 21 2014
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The Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare Nigerian youths as social entrepreneurs as well as enable them raise startup capitals effortlessly to establish their businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision is that of a Nigerian society whose economy is driven by the youth population who are successful in their various enterprises, adding values and solving the nation’s critical challenges.

Brief Description

The Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy is an initiative of the African Youth Development Foundation aimed at jump-starting massive enterprise development initiatives in the rural areas.

The academy is the extension of our Business In You Talkshow, which is an aggressive campaign we launched recently to encourage young people create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for Government white collar jobs that do not exist anywhere, any more.

For us in African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF), we strongly believe that there is no better and faster way to create employment for the teeming unemployed youths in Nigeria than by encouraging enterprise development among them.

All over the world today, enterprise development, which leads to private sector investments is being encouraged because that is the only engine that can drive the economy of any nation and grow it.

In Nigeria, our youths have got abundant talents and skills and therefore need to be guided on how to build businesses around these skills, talents and passions.

Some of these youths are already endowed with multi-million naira skills, such as: comedy, music, drama, modeling, photography, cinematography, graphic designs, writing, public speaking, poetry, blogging, consulting, facilitation, marketing, etc, and through the “Enterprise Academy”, we shall guide them on how to build their own businesses with these skills.

Looking around us in Nigeria, we can see many youths who have become successful by building businesses this way. For example, Chimamanda Adichie has become successful and very popular by developing her skills in poetry and writing. Today, one of her novels, “Half of a Yellow Sun” has earned her international recognition and several awards. As a result, she did not only create a job for herself but for others, including her manager, publishers and others involved in publishing her works.

These are simple truths we would like our youths to realize and begin to readjust in order to embrace entrepreneurship.

To go with the Academy is a micro financing scheme, which we have carefully developed in partnership with some financial institutions, including the Bank of Industry under its Ignite Youth program, to enable the participants have access to startup capitals .

Our technical team shall be involved in the disbursement and management of the startup capital to ensure that it is put into judicious use as expected.

The team shall also provide technical support and supervision until each enterprise is established and well developed.

We have worked out the plans and strongly believe that this is one of the surest strategies of creating jobs for the unemployed in Nigeria.

Quick Facts…

The Problem:           Unemployment crisis in Africa

Our Solution:           Massive Enterprise Development Training and Financing

The Lifeline:             Startup capital

The Result:               Your own business

Our Support:           Lifetime mentoring

Your Role:                Sign up with N5,000 ONLY!

Strategic Objectives

We anticipate that through the Enterprise Academy and its accompanying Youth Cooperative, participating youths will:

  • Be exposed to how they can create jobs for themselves;
  • Be exposed to how social enterprises change the society;
  • Learn how to develop viable business plans;
  • Acquire managerial skills they need to build their various enterprises;
  • Have access to startup capitals to set up their small scale enterprises.

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