Good evening and welcome back to your usual insightful discussion session called “The Business in You Weekly!”

Even though, the last edition came to you few days ago, I am constrained to bring this topic up for our discussion tonight because, I will be appearing live on IBC Orient FM phone in program on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 by 3.00pm.

This is a very topical national issue and I accepted to appear alongside a few other panelists because of the negative impacts of the epileptic power supplies in the country on the industrialization policies of the government.

Everywhere I go with my campaign for youths to embrace enterprise development and self employment instead of waiting for paid employments, the issue of epileptic power supply is always a recurring decimal during our discussions.

Even though, I do not accept it as enough excuse for them to keep waiting for white collar jobs, that do not exist anywhere, any more, I still believe the government has a role to play to improve this very important infrastructure that drives both small and large enterprises.

The corruption in the sector has so much affected the system to the extent that the consumers are left with no option than to condone and cooperate with the perpetrators of the act. Worse is the arbitrary estimated billing system that must come monthly, whether there is supply or not.

What do you think the Government should do without any further delay to arrest this ugly trend? Those shall be my contributions on the live radio program coming up on IBC Orient FM on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 and as usual, your opinions must count.

So, let the discussions begin….

I will endeavor to publish the call lines before the appearance on Wednesday, August 16 to enable you call in with your comments and questions.

The country belongs to all of us and we must join hands to make it better. Remember, evil thrives in any society where the upright do nothing…

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Many thanks for your time and good night!

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