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The famous boxing coach in France, Coach Mario Gryka has been appointed a Global Ambassador to serve the African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF) in France.

His penchant for humanitarian services and his continued use of sports to transform young people from across the world earned him this prestigious award from the foundation. Reports available to us revealed that Coach Mario Gryka’s work in sports, human rights and democratic development earned him several international awards, such as:

a)Human Rights Ambassador for the World Peace Committee

b)Hero of Democracy and Personality of the Year in Albania

c)Ambassador of Culture and Sports in Greece

d)Global Goodwill Ambassador in Sports

e)Best Boxing Trainer in France, etc.

Coach Mario is a boxing coach in clubs, such as Battling Club, Paris and Strasbourg in France and has participated in various international competitions in Greece, Italy, France, Germany, etc.

As our Global Ambassador in France, we expect Coach Mario to extend his goodwill in leveraging support and building new partnerships for AFRYDEF.

To God be all the glory!

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