How We Started

How We Started

African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF) started in 1999, in a small community in Kaduna State, known as Angwar Sunday in Sabon Tasha, where our founder, Remy Chidi Chukwunyere lived during his one year National Youth Service.

While in Kaduna, our founder was touched by the hardships and poor health conditions, youths, children and women from poor families suffered in that State. He began to think of how to provide for the needy amongst them, how to take the school dropouts amongst them back to school, how to take care of the sick amongst them and in fact, how to improve their living conditions and put smiles on their faces.

"We are young people who put smiles on the faces of the less privileged in Nigeria... We also build the capacities of young people (male and female) and prepare them as future leaders and entrepreneurs!"


Remy Chukwunyere, Founder

As a youth corper in a strange land, it seemed like a tall dream but when he began to share these ideas and his burning desires with his friends, light shone in what seemed a dark tunnel. As his friends began to buy into the vision, he started mobilizing the people of the area and shared this vision.

Within few months, he sold the ideas to the likes of Evangelist Julie Amego, the then Commercial Manager of Pipelines and Products Marketing Company, Kaduna Area and one Engr. Ogbanje, who bought the vision with passion and started supporting him and the group financially. It was these two people that in fact gave hope to the hopeless vision and like a miracle, AFRYDEF was born in 1999 in Kaduna.

Unfortunately, the sharia crisis in Kaduna in February, 2000 almost shattered this vision but to the glory of God, our founder left the city with all the promises it held for the organization to his home state, Imo State immediately after the crisis.

Back in Owerri, Imo State, AFRYDEF did not waste time finding its feet with the support of the likes of Barr. Golden Nwosu, the then Hon. Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Urban Planning, Imo State and HRH Eze S.N.A Uzor, the late Nze Obi of Egbema Kingdom, who saw the urgent need to improve the lives of young people in our society, especially those from the oil producing communities of Nigeria.

This report will not be complete if we do not recognize the role of the USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives in partnering with us for the successful implementation of a conflict resolution and economic empowerment project for youths of the oil producing communities in Imo State, which is the particular project that shot us into limelight and prominence in the development sector in Imo State.

Many thanks also go to the Management of Consolidated Breweries PLC, makers of Hi-Malt drink; Promasidor, manufacturers of Top Tea and Cowbell Milk; 7Up Bottling Company of Nigeria, makers of 7Up drink and so many other companies and persons too numerous to mention. We thank you all for providing us seed grants that have established AFRYDEF today as one of the leading youth development organizations in Nigeria!

AFRYDEF…. putting smiles on the faces of the poor!

Our Trustees

    • We have a mission to cost-effectively transform the lives of youths; women and children in Africa through facilitating sustainable youth and rural development initiatives in their communities.
    • In AFRYDEF, we envision an African society where children, youths and women in the rural areas are viewed as assets and resources, and thus encouraged to develop their full potentials.
    • AFRYDEF is governed by a Board of Trustees and Management made up of widely experienced professionals representing diverse communities and interests.
    • Our life-changing and community development programs are funded by membership contributions and public donations.

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