Business Talkshows


The project is our aggressive campaign aimed at encouraging young people to create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for Government white collar
jobs that do not exist anywhere, any more

For us in African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF), we strongly believe that there is no better and faster way to create employment for the teeming unemployed youths in Nigeria than by encouraging enterprise development among them.

All over the world today, enterprise development, which leads to private sector investments is being encouraged because that is the only engine that can drive the economy of any nation and grow it.

In Nigeria, our youths have got abundant talents and skills and therefore need to be guided on how to build businesses around these skills, talents and passions.

Short term objectives

  • To assist participants identify their multi-million naira talents and skills
  • To expose them to the benefits of building their own businesses over paid employments
  • To expose them to how the richest people in the world acquired wealth through entrepreneurship and not in paid employments

Long term objectives

At the end of the project, the participants would have:

  • Had a clear-cut understanding on how to engage themselves resourcefully in business
  • Learnt how to develop commercially and financially feasible and viable business plans
  • Learnt how to source for funds in order to actualize their business plans
  • Acquired managerial, marketing and accounting skills necessary for their businesses

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